Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Living Inspiration

I am sharing an inspiring story with you, in the form of an animation. Over the past few years, the people that I have been meeting and spending time with are quite different than the usual batch. What makes them different is that they have taking a huge step in their lives to go against the norm, to swim upstream, to stand out.

How? By doing exactly what they love to do. By following their passion. By making the absolute most of their lives.

Why is it that this is usually looked down upon by society? People are labelled and judged, because they don't fit into the usual categorical bracketing that society has placed them in. They are looked upon as lazy, taking extended holidays, as though they are trying to avoid 'the real life'.

But what is "the real life"? Do we really live to become millionaires, have expensive cars, and wear a new pair of shoes each week? Surely, these things can give a sense of joy. But we've all experienced it: the joy we get externally, never lasts. When we are old and weak, does it still matter how many pairs of shoes we have collected? Or in which expensive restaurants we have eaten?

The answer is clear. What we would like to look back at, at that age, is a fulfilling and purposeful life. A life in which we followed our dreams and passions, no matter how unusual they may be. A life in which we found inner peace, and inner happiness. A life which allowed us to grow, to learn, and to blossom. A life which brought back nature and fresh air to us.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by inspiring people, who do what they love, and love what they do. Need some inspiration? Then have a look at just a few of them:

Starting with my own family, my Mother, Desiree Rader, an amazing painter who captures your eyes through her use of colours and paint.
My brother, Reiner Erlings, an exceptional music producer and talented musician.
His wife, Gayathri Krishnan, an extraordinary artist, whose voice gives you goosebumps.
My dear yogi friend, Marco Pino, who shares his life of yoga through his blog.
My organic-food-lover buddy, Auro, who left his job to start an awesome movement for the Organic Food industry in India.
The beautiful yogi-couple, Harilal and Meera, who set up their own little ashram on the beach in Kerala, to share the Vedic Culture.
A very old schoolmate, Danielle VdK, who inspires international women through coaching.
My vedanta batchmate and buddy, Jonas Massetti, who shares his knowledge in Brazil in the most authentic way.
Sharada & Marcus, who run Vaidika Purna Sthaanam- a unique place to fully embrace the Vedic Culture on the island of Bali!

And the list goes on....

If you have any dreams to follow, any passion to pursue, then don't hesitate a moment. We are all gifted in different ways, and that's not a coincidence. Use your gift to benefit this world.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Lakshya-ji, and by the way, you are in my own list of inspiring people who are following their dreams no matter what :-) I loved the animation.

  2. ditto the above, you top my list of truly inspiring people!