Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shānti Mantra: Bhadram Karnebhih

This Shānti Mantra belongs to the Atharva Veda, and is chanted before Mundaka Upanishad, Māndukya Upanishad, and Prashna Upanishad. Shānti Mantras are always chanted by both the teacher and the student, praying for shānti in the class, and in one's life. Shānti in terms of learning comes as freedom from any type of obstacles which may stand in between the student and the study of the Upanishad, or between the student and the teacher. Even if the commitment is there, there can be unforeseen obstacles which will make it difficult. Thus, we pray and tap into the grace of Ishwara, asking for our efforts to be utilized well. Success comes through both the student's effort as well as one's grace.

This Shānti Mantra is also a general prayer, and can be chanted by anyone seeking for good health and wellbeing. In this prayer, different devatas are invoked- each devata presiding over a different part of creation. Here, the student addresses Indra, the Sun, Garuda, and Brhaspati, asking for their blessing.

Om bhadraṃ karṇebhiśśṛṇuyāma devāḥ
Bhadraṃ paśyemākṣabhiryajatrāḥ
Vyaśema devahitaṃ yadāyuḥ
Svasti na indro vṛddhaśravāḥ
Svasti naḥ pūṣā viśvavedāḥ
Svasti nastārkṣyo ariṣṭanemiḥ
Svasti no bṛhaspartirdadhātu
Om śāntiḥ 
śāntiḥ śāntiḥ 
Oh Devas! May we hear auspicious things with our ears. Oh Devas! May we see auspicious things with our eyes. May we enjoy a full life as given to us by Ishwara, with healthy limbs, glorifying you through the Vedas. May the famous Indra bless us with auspiciousness (strength). May the Sun bless us with auspiciousness. May Garuda, of unobstructed movement, bless us with auspiciousness. May Brhaspati bless us with auspiciousness. Om, Shānti, Shānti, Shānti (Let there be freedom from the three possible obstacles) 
The student prays for hearing things and news that are auspicious and good. Words that can inspire us, that are loving and compassionate, and that we can learn from. May we hear those things which are good for us. Not only hear, but also see. Allow us to see the good around us. The good in people, the good in ourselves, and the good in situations. Allow us to see Ishwara everywhere, and let us live with this vision. Let us be attracted to positive situations, which can lift us up. Let our whole life be mangalam.

Let us all be endowed with healthy bodies, and may we live a full and complete life. With healthy limbs alone can one do yoga and see the immediate effects. With good health one can enquire into the nature of himself, and gain the knowledge of Atma.

  • May the most famous Indra Devata, who represents strength, bless me. Let me be a warrior, and be strong enough to fight both the external and internal battles.
  • May Surya Devata bless me with all nourishment. The sun is known to energize the world and provide nutrition to all beings. It is also said to give pranik energy, and mental shakti.
  • May Garuda Devata bless me with auspiciousness. Garuda, the bird of unobstructed movement, may he also remove all obstacles which are in my path, so that i can successfully reach the destination.
  • May Brhaspati Devata be a source of blessing to me. Brhaspati is the devata of speech and wisdom. May I excel in my communication skills, and may I receive the knowledge of oneness.
Om. Peace, Peace, Peace. May I have freedom from Ādhidaivika, Ādhibhautika and Ādhyātmika problems.

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