Thursday, October 17, 2013

Secrets from Mother India: Natural Face Wash

It's been almost seven months that I am using natural products in my daily routine. Having found out what kind of horrible things are present in our cosmetics, I really didn't want to continue poisoning myself any longer! :-) This includes shampoo, soap, face wash, deodorant and moisturizer. 

How is it that in general we are not aware or realizing that what we put on our skin, gets absorbed and enters our bodies?
There are tons and tons of ingredients in our products which we can't even pronounce, which are extremely hazardous for our health. With hazardous I mean causes for cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies, etc. Please read EWG Skin Deep's database for more details on this- you can search any ingredient or product.

I try to live following a basic guideline: Feed your skin as you feed your stomach!

If you can eat it, or if it's a natural product, plant or flower, then it's safe to use on your skin or hair. Nature is full of resources, let's appreciate it and make use of it!

Now, lets talk about face wash. The picture below shows the ingredients on the face wash i have been using. After checking each of them on EWG, I got shocked. Many of them are rated as hazardous, causing irritation for skin and allergies, etc. How is it that a product which is supposed to cleanse the skin can actually damage it instead? 

That's when i decided to turn to Mother India... and explored a natural way to cleanse the skin. 

I found the solution: Chickpea Powder (besan) and Wild Turmeric (kasturi manjal)

Kasturi Manjal (curcuma aromatica) is a variety of turmeric, different from the one used in cooking. It's very beneficial for the skin, creating a beautiful complexion and glow (it does not stain at all). It's antiseptic and cleanses very well. It works well to fight acne as well as prevent skin diseases. Because it's very potent, it's better not to use it on its own- it can be mixed with Besan, chickpea powder.

Besan is a great exfoliater for the skin, removing dead cells and dirt. It's very mild in nature and will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. It absorbs the excess oil from your skin, and can be used after an oil bath too.

I've been using this combination for a while now and can really see the difference. My skin used to get oily quite quickly and i would also get red patches sometimes. Using this face wash, the red patches have disappeared and so too have a lot of skin blemishes. My skin looks tighter, feels softer, and has gained a nice glow. I usually apply a bit of Argan oil on my face after washing, and voila, ready to go.

 I can recommend this home made, natural, and safe face wash to everyone!


  1. wow! love the natural face wash with only 2 ingredients which r very easy to get, Thank u for sharing . I am searching for natural moisturiser. Could u pls suggest a natural one without any chemicals.

    1. It's a great facewash! You can also add some oats (powder) if you feel your skin gets dry after use...
      Personally, i use Argan oil for moisturizer.. just a tiny drop.. in India you can get it online here

      its a bit expensive though. You can also try a dap of organic extra virgin coconut oil.
      One or two drops is enough! and you're skin will be very soft and smooth, and your skin will not get oily at all!!!