Monday, August 5, 2013

Secrets from Mother India: Turmeric

Turmeric, called Haldi in Hindi, is a spice found in every Indian lady's kitchen. It is added to food, curries, vegetables, etc for its coloring properties as well as its good aroma. Turmeric in powder form is another multi-purpose spice, with many great health benefits. In fact, it's something I take quite frequently, and always bring with me when I travel- just in case. One pouch of turmeric can replace a whole lot of antiseptics and medicine-pills! Turmeric is definitely a topper on my list!
Here it goes:

Turmeric powder is highly antiseptic. Applying it on wounds, cuts, and even pimples as i have mentioned in the Coconut oil post will help to fight bacteria and promote quick healing. It's best to mix it with coconut oil, making a paste, and applying it on the cut. You can cover it with a cotton bandage and leave it overnight. You'll be amazed to see the results the next day! Some people also apply fresh or powdered turmeric to the body while bathing. They say it removes body odors, eczema, skin diseases and bacteria.

Turmeric is an EXCELLENT remedy for boils. Boils are usually a bacterial infection which comes to the skin through a hair follicle, and creating a deep and painful infection. Turmeric actually helps to prevent boils, and it helps to quickly remove them too with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be applied directly to the boil together with coconut oil, and should be taken internally too for more effective results. It doesn't taste great... at all... but it works!!! 1 spoon per cup, 3 times a day... untill its gone! Read Earthclinic's reviews on it here.

Some ladies apply turmeric on their face to keep their skin in good condition, free from blemishes, and for the "golden" complexion. I haven't gone this far yet to actually leave my room with a yellow face, but i have seen plenty of women in the city who have! Since it's quite normal here, no one even really notices it. Indian ladies actually have a Haldi Ceremony before marriage, where they apply a mixture of turmeric, sandalwood paste and milk on the skin for beautification as well as to remove any evil eye!

Taking a turmeric decoction internally is said to stop diarrhea within minutes! It is also useful in healthy digestion and removing flatulence.

Sore Throat
Last time I had a sore throat, I was gargling with salt water. A friend of mine then suggested to try gargling with turmeric instead as it will be more potent. I ended up gargling with a mixture of black pepper and turmeric, and it really helped! Good for the winter months.

I've seen all around the villages turmeric kept in corners, cracks and holes in the floor. It is used to control insects and particularly ants.

To sum it up briefly, turmeric is a great spice to have... in your food. on your skin. and in your system! I really recommend to use it, and of course preferably organic turmeric.

Do you have any experience with it? Please do share!

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