Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Light Within You

Did it ever happen to you that you felt something from inside and simply knew that it was the truth? No matter how far away this feeling was from what was going on outside, you could feel that this tiny little spark from within had the answer and was going to lead you to the right direction?

Well, this little spark is not all so little: it is the significant and real you that is talking to you, telling you what to do at that moment. It is the you that is hiding behind sheaths of layers, that knows what is truly the best thing for you. Sometimes we get an idea so crazy, but yet we know that we must follow it, even if it goes against all norms! You travel the road less known, because you know it’s your destiny. No one knows better what’s best for us than ourselves. So when this tiny little spark is there, listen to it, cause it will light the path to a destination so effulgent!

Many times in life we follow what is expected from us. Expectations are imposed on us since young age; by our parents, education, society, the media, etc. We learn that in life there is a certain path that we have to follow in order to be successful, recognized, and a good human being. Hereby we unknowingly create limitations and boundaries for ourselves, hindering ourselves to reach our full potential. Thoughts, ideas, and images get thrown to us like no other through media, internet, television, friends, actors, models, etc, that make us believe we are not good enough, we have not reached a stage where we can just be happy with who we are- as we are- right now, and unless we work on ourselves (read: work on our waist line, our haircolour, the size of our nose, etc) we will never be happy. This leads to people finding misery after misery, restraining their identity to superficial entities, and taking the simple way out because they are made to believe that they are not capable of following their dreams.

But behind all these layers and notions, lies a beautiful, precious and limitless wonder: it is you, the significant you, the self. This self knows that whatever you want to accomplish, you can. Whatever you want to be, you are. And whatever you are looking for, it’s on your way! So if on that sunny morning, you wake up with the thought in your head “I think I can do it”, then don’t hesitate any longer- go out there and go get it! It is moments like these when our true self gets exposed to us, and we must learn to recognize it and act upon it. What once started out as a tiny little spark, will grow into a beautiful flame, and will light up the path for you in order to get out of this darkness and get you where you want to be. It is this that is called intuition and faith, and it is there present in each one of us. As we learn to recognize this, we will slowly start to see that anything is possible. All we have to do is listen to that inner voice and go for it, without a single hesitation. You will come to see that you can find from within all you are looking for: a teacher when you need guidance, a friend when you need encouragement, the stars when you need direction, and God when you need faith. With this peace in mind, you can safely go out there and achieve your goal.

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