Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A New Beginning... Invoking Lord Ganesha

In India, whenever there is there is an inauguration of something new, whether it is a new house, a new car, or a new business, before doing anything else, they invoke Lord Ganesha.This is done to invoke the blessings, and pray that all obstacles and difficulties may be removed in this new venture. Ganesha has an enormous shakti power which undoubtedly reaches all people and situations. It gives a sense of security, like a green signal, indicating that we can go ahead, inaugurate, and enjoy the new chapter that we are starting.

How is Lord Ganesha invoked?

Usually a homa is done, a fire ritual. The priests will offer different oblations like flowers, lotuses, wood, ghee, etc in the fire to Ganesha, to invoke him, while chanting sacred vedic mantras. This is tradition which has been there since hundreds of years, and the power of the mantras is enormous. They are chanted in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, and hold their strength within each syllable and accurate pronunciation. While sitting through the homa we keep our sankalpa purpose in mind, whatever it is that we require Ganesha's blessings for.

Ganesha is known to be the removed of all obstacles, worries, and challenges. He frees us from any unnecessary burdens and doubts, allowing us to follow our path and succeed. We ask for his blessings for us to build strength and courage to proceed.

Today is a new beginning for me. I have opened a new website, with the aim to share what i have learned here in India, and whatever is ahead of me- I will take you along with me on my yogayatra journey.

So lets start the day with the popular prayer:
shuklaambaradharam vishnum, shashivarnam chaturbhujam
prasannavadanam dhayet, sarvavighnopashantaye

I meditate upon (Lord Ganesha), the one who wears a white garment, who is all-pervasive, who has a bright complexion like the moon, who has four hands, who has a cheerful face, for the removal of all obstacles.



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